Oh, great googly moogly!

Welcome to the wonderful and tacky Snuggly Moogle maid café, home of all the yummy and delectable treats one’s tummy could ever desire!

We hope to service you to the best of our abilities, so please take a look around our website for any importantly information you need to know (as well as look at our delicious menu!)

Please enjoy your stay, kupo!

About us

The Snuggly Moogle started as a small apartment out in the Goblet, just a side project of a blonde dancing catte! Over many months, it has grown from a single room in an apartment, to a grand venue in the Mist!

It is a sanctuary for all the lovely and dorky misfits who need a place to make a living while wearing super cute maid and butler uniforms! We only want the best for our babes. The doors are always open to any and all people looking to start a life for themselves and desire the coin, even if it is just a stepping stone until they can pursue their ultimate dream!

As for its wonderful customers and regulars, it is the epitome of a hungry man’s haven. Not only does it sell and serve all the treats anyone could want (for fatally fair prices), but it also has an overwhelming abundance of free samples. All treats are made fresh every day, and all meals and drinks are made to order.

All day-old treats are donated to the local orphanage and homeless shelter.


All drinks are virgin unless specified otherwise, or requested to have some alcohol added!

Sheep's Milk Hot Cocoa
Karakul Ewe freshly milked, mixed with our freshly shaved dark chocolate. Never such thing as too much chocolate!

Tea (Hingan, Alpine, or Glade)
Variety from all over. Relax like only a Moogle can.

Fruit Juice
Name a fruit, and... you'll probably get juice from it!

Xionn's Signature La Noscean Lemonade
A tangy, sour... sweet... juicy drink served on ice, full of that tart lemon flavor all of us are looking for!

Pink's Own Pink Lemonade
Want something sour that's a little more fruity? We added rolanberries to our signature lemonade to make it all the sweeter!

Blue Mage Bubble Tea
Wide selection of bubble flavors available. Action Learned! Now enjoy.
Literally just pick a fruit or milk tea flavor, and we probably have it!

Wyvern Egg Nogg Egg
Wyvern eggs whisked with cinnamon, coconut milk, and evaporated milk. Drink responsibly!

Good King Moggle Mog Milkshake
The sweetest of milkshakes we have to offer...courtesy of the good king, kupo! (Be careful! It's as big as your head!)

Snurpleberry Smoothie
Sweet, frozen snurpleberries blended together with our signature fruity mix using the only best ice crystal from Coerthas!

Rolanberry Daiquiri
Rolanberries crushed and mixed with other fruit juices. Just keep them rolan.

Cactuar Cocktail
Don't let the green fool you, this all herbal drink is not made of cactuars.
*1000 needles not included.

Aleport's Rootbeer Float
A classic float from the aged barrels in Aleport's cellar, for you fancy pants.

Mixed drinks

As the Snuggly Moogle Expands, so too does our wide variety of treats! We now offer special alcoholic beverages.

Rainbow Rush
A drink of layered liquids with rolanberry liquer, La Noscean Orange Juice, Spiked Lemonade, Hingan Midori Melon Liquer, Snurpleberry Blue Liquer, and a sweet grape wine. How do they make it layer so well? That's a Moogle Magic secret!

Moogle Mudslide
Coffee Liquer, Ishgardian Vodka, and Highlander Cream Liquer.

Forest Black and Tan
Ivalician Greatwood stout poured gently over Gridanian Pale Ale to make a nice two layered beer beverage.

Sangrine's Sangria
A home brewed fruity sweet wine. Slices of fruit, soaked in alcohol are an optional addition to the drink.

White Ronso
Coffee Liquer, Ivalician Vodka, and heavy cream.

Vodka, Rolanberry Schnapps, and Cointreau, mixed together in a tall necked glass with a split Rolanberry on the side. Salted glass optional.

Moghome Ice Tea
A mix of gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, and fizzy lemon-lime juice. Served extra chilled.

Brian's Hard Lemonade
Sour, sweet, and a generous amount of vodka added.

Well Drink Liquors
Gridanian Whisky
Thanalan Vodka
La Noscean Rum
Costa Del Sol Tequila
Ul'dahn Gin
Coerthan Cointreau

Hingan Sake
Doman Plum Wine
Wineport Red & White
Shroud Muscadine Wine
Fruit Wines
(Apple, Peach, Rolanberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Dandelion)

top shelf drinks

If your gil purse can handle it, we can pour it!

Haillenarte Grande Reserve
An Ishgardian "Abbey Ale", rich in flavors, dinstinct fizz that will tantalize your tongue.

Twelveswood Scotch
Brewed from the water running through the wondrous mosses of the Shroud, this whisky has a distinct flavor from the grains used in it and peat moss the water filters through. Black, Gold, and Blue label available.

Perron Tequila
Tequila from agave fruits of the rarest variety near Costa Del Sol. Distilled with care. A pirate may trade their ship for a single case of this tequila!

Gray Dodo Vodka
Smooth flavor that goes down easily. It will leave a nice warm feeling in your tummy without the burn in the throat.

Vintage Wineport Red Reserve
The most famous wine of Eorzea, and the most expensive.


The King's Plate
Golden platter not included but it does come with delicious dodo eggs, bacon, smoked sausage and three layers of fluffy pancakes.

Opo-Opo Omelette
Ever seen an Opo-Opo make one? Us neither but the 3 egg folded goodness comes topped with Ul'dah salsa, mushrooms and caramelized onions.

Roegadyn Breakfast for Two
Or one depending on how big and strong you are. Similar to the king's plate just lots more meat with sausage, hams, eggs, and salmon lox spread on Highlander bread.

Moglop's Fluffy Croissants
Our kitchen moogles work hard every morning to make the best baked goods. Spread jam or butter on these fluffy croissants, or anything else you please!

Pom Puff Pancakes
Pancakes mixed with a little magic, giving them a fluffier, softer taste and texture more akin to a cake than traditional pancakes. Not to mention the rainbow sprinkles!

Hyur Hasbrowns
Itty bitty tatos cut into the tiniest sticks and tossed around on the flat top in olive oil, salt and pepper, and filled with sausage, just like mama would make.

Moogly Chocobo Choco-Chip Muffins
Delicately baked to resemble our favorite birds The muffins come in a variety of colors but all with a simple chocolate chip pound cake center.

Faerie Dusted Waffles
Fluffy red velvet style waffles with a pink powdered sugar lightly dusted over the top. Don't tell Eos or Selene.

Snacks & Appetizers

Phoenix Baked Bacon Loaf
Sourdough bread baked with the intensity of a phoenix in our brick oven, embedded with large and thick chunks of bacon. Try not to drool too much!

Alpine Cheese Board
An assortment of cheese freshly imported from Ishgard. Crackers, fruits, olives and nuts from all across Eorzea. Comes in both small and large portions.

Raen Rice Cakes
With instruction from Hingashi artisans, we've made small cakes of whole grain brown rice baked to a crisp, lightly salted. A perfect and light snack for the road!

Bunny Buns
Savory herb yeast rolls that would make any adventurer's mouth salivate! Served with sweet cream spread and soft churned butter.
Aren't they cute?

Blue Cheese Stuffed Bomb Peppers
Spicy sausage, creamy blue cheese, and hot bomb peppers. A confusing snack that'll send your tastebuds mixed signals, for sure.

Chocobo Hot Wings
Hot wings like you might find in any other tavern, but with our own spicy moogleffalo sauce!
*Not made with real chocobo. 100% Dodo meat.

Kale's Nutty Sweet Kale Salad
Shroud Kale, Robe Lettuce, Persimmon Slices, Mirror Apple Slices, Honey Roasted Almonds, Blue Cheese, and a house made Snurpleberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Popoto Fries
Those nice, fried popoto fries that everyone loves! Seasoned with salt and a pinch of pepper. Ideal with dipping sauces!

Savory and Sweet Sauces
Available with any appetizer or meal on request
Barbecue Sauce
Honey Mustard
Melted Cheese Sauce
Curry Paste
Rolanberry Jelly

The sweets

Tonberry Tart
Cute little tarts filled with sweet snurpleberry or rolanberry Mascarpone.

Quintuple Pom Dango
Have you ever seen 5 moogles all at once? Some have, but it's rare! Far Eastern style dumplings made from machiko, sweet rice flour, served in sets of 5 skewers of 3 dango each.

Chocobo Chocobars
The most rich and decadent fudge brownie so your mouth may ever have the pleasure of tasting! Beware of all the cavities!

Moogle Mousse Cake
You really can never have too much chocolate, and this is perfect for any chocolate lover! Soft crumbly chocolate crust on the bottom, with chocolate mousse in the middle and white chocolate ganache on top.

Mega Moogle Parfait
Hope you brought some friends, because this is a gargantuan of a parfait! Made with lots of rolanberries, small waffles, ice cream, yogurt, and much more!
*Comes with a fancy spoon.

Couerl Cat Cakes
Palm-sized vanilla sponge cakes with a healthy sprinkling of confectioner's sugar and fruit jams squeezed inside, kupo!

Lalafell's Lemon & Lavender Loaf
The mixture of lemon and lavender combine to make a fluffy pastry deserving to be dessert or breakfast. An original recipe of the South Seas Islands, from which lalafell trace their ancestry.

Baby Behemoth Bonbons
A tray of different flavored bite-sized delights. Flavors include but are not limited to: chocolate, vanilla, rolanberry, cookies and cream, and coffee.

Magnificent Moogle Ice Cream
A waffle cone stuffed and stacked with as much ice cream as we can pack into it! We have the standard vanilla, chocolate, rolanberry, as well as mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, caramel swirl, and fudge brownie.

The Twelve... Layer Chocolate Cake
A chocolate cake of epic proportions! This thing stands at a massive fulm high, each layer separated by a different type of frosting to accentuate the flavors of each tier of fudge-filled goodness.

Fruit Pie with Moglop's Signature Pie Crust
A slice of pie (or the whole thing if desired) stuffed full of yummy fruit filling.
Flavors: apple, rolanberry, blueberry, cherry, banana cream, snurpleberry

Rainbow Pride Fruit Salad with Yogurt and Cream
A tall glass layered with fruit in a lovely rainbow fashion! Each bite fills your mouth with different flavors of sweet and sour fruits, with a finisher of yogurt at the bottom.

Silly Willy Scones
A flaky scone filled with cream cheese and your choice of fruit: apple, rolanberry, blueberry, snurpleberry, and banana.

Sweet Dessert Sauces
Available upon request with any dessert
Hot Fudge
Peanut Butter

Entrees & Dinner

Each item comes with choice of one side from Snacks menu.

Dodo Cutlets
Thinly sliced dodo slabs, marinated in a garlic and herb infused mixture before being pan seared to mouthwatering perfection.

Post Moogle Special Delivery
A big juicy steak wrapped in bacon with a side of steamed broccolette and millioncorn. Complete with moogle letter opener knife to cut into your treat!

Juliet’s Flamin’ Forest Fiesta Curry
A spicy curry with Aldgoat steak chunks, hot Thanalan Bomb finger spice, sweet rolanberry glaze, carrots, a sprinkle of rosemarry, chopped onions, thinly sliced popotos, and topped with a few drops of Black Shroud Whiskey.
(Non-spicy, whisky-free, and vegetarian options available upon request)

Gridanian Hot Pot
Dodo stock, water, vinegar, soy sauce, seasame oil, ginger, and garlic all boiled together in a large pot before the dodo chunks and noodles are added.
*Vegetarian options available at request.

Mega Megalo Crab Legs
Garlic lemon butter crab legs boiled to nothing but a tender, meaty mess beneath that hard shell.
*Shell crackers provided.

Southern Shroud Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout caught in the Shroud, grilled skin on and slathered in yak butter, with side of mashed popotoes, steamed millioncorn and caramelized onions.

Savory Sauces
Barbecue Sauce
Honey Mustard
Melted Cheese Sauce
Curry Paste
Rolanberry Jelly

Our Lovely Staff

L'aethen Sangrine - Mateus
Owner Operator
Head Maid

important information

We are the Snuggly Moogle Maid Café located at
the Mists, Ward 8 Plot 45.

We are a venue that accepts private rentals for any sort of party you may desire, and we can provide any housing food item per request for a discount for our customers for any catered events at our café or elsewhere. This includes Eternity Cakes (up to 5 at one time), though we will only display those in our own house.

For any information regarding private rentals or catering, please contact the FC leader at Liathen#1337 on discord or in-game at L’aethen Sangrine.

If you wish to join the Free Company or simply work here, either contact me, or fill out an application, linked below next to our discord!

♥ Thank you for taking the time to read this, kupo! ♥

customer expectations

If a staff member requests that you leave the premises on account of misbehavior (in character or out of character), respect their wishes and do as they say.

Leave all your weapons at the door, or simply do not bring any with you. This is a café. There is no need for them on the Snuggly Moogle's property.

All menu items must be paid for before the customer leaves the café. (All payment is in character only. No real gil required unless stated otherwise. However, feel free to tip your servers as you please.)

Don't touch the maids or butlers, and they won't touch you. Please respect everyone's personal boundaries.

... Man, this all sounds really serious! We just want everyone to have a good time in a safe environment, kupo! Please enjoy your stay~!

FC information &
How to join

We are a heavily roleplay-focused FC, with a large house for our company roleplay, and require all members to be over the age of 18 years old out of character. This is to promote mature behavior out of character, and not because there will be any coordinated mature roleplay themes at events or roleplays in the FC.

What roles are we looking for?

Those who fill these rolls will share a great deal of influence over the direction of the cafe, as well as having a significant amount of say over things that happen within the company, however those who hold these ranks must also prove themselves valuable assets in the daily and long term operation of the free company, both out of character and in character. If your goal is to become a leader, show us that you really want it and take on responsibility above and beyond what is expected of you.

Staff Leaders
Each of our various jobs are headed up by one or two staff leaders. Staff leaders carry similar authority to management, but are simply one step down the ladder and has a bit less responsibility. Each staff leader must have thorough knowledge of the roles they oversee, and are responsible for training new employees in the way of the kupo! Staff leaders are also expected to have regular attendance to most weekly events.

Moogle Marauders
The muscle of the Snuggly Moogle. Sometimes you gotta have some big muscly moogles around to keep folks from causing trouble. While we have never had any serious altercations at the Snuggly Moogle, it never hurts to have security!

Cuddle Cooks
You will be the faces of the kitchen and the bar. You serve up treats with a smile (or a scowl if your thing is tsundere!) and in general take care of customers who sit at our upstairs and downstairs bars.

Snuggliest Servers
You are the face of the Snuggly Moogle! You will do everything from seating patrons, to serving them, to entertaining them during their time at the Snuggly Moogle. Bring your cutest or most handsome attire, and make our masters feel like they're right at home, being served by their very own butler or maid! "We hope to fulfill your every desire, goshujin-sama!"

Pom Puff Performers
We have a stage, and we intend to use it! Your role in the FC will be to provide entertainment to patrons that doesn't necessarily relate to serving them food and interacting with them as their personal maid/butler for the evening.

If none of the above roles particularly interest you, but you'd still like to be a member of the free company, we welcome any who wish to be a part of our community!

An IC interview is required to join the Snuggly Moogle, however people are more than welcome to officially join in-game prior to this after an OOC interview process. While this is to gauge the style and experience of roleplay you posses, we accept people of any skill level, lore knowledge, or game experience.

For any information regarding recruitment, please contact either FC leader at Liathen#1337 on discord or in-game on my character L'aethen Sangrine of the Mateus server. This will be the quickest way to have any of your concerns addressed as soon as possible.

♥ We hope to hear from you, kupo! ♥